Wisecounter OÜ core business is the provision of strategic consulting and accounting services

When working with us you get a business partner with an experienced team, who will help you to understand your company and get better control of it.
We offer corporate management consulting, strategic planning, solving legal and financial problems,  which are divided as follows:

The companys strategy for the formulation and objectives.

Uniting co-workers to work towards the same goals.

Financial planning and monitoring.
Provision of accounting services and optimising operating costs.

Why prefer Wisecounter to other business consulting companies?

Wisecounter’s team is focused on customer satisfaction and on personal development. We have experienced  a lot of joy in co-operating with our clients , which comes from trusted customer relationships.

We know that every client deserves the best. In our work we are focused on the quality of our service in order to  exceed our customers expectations. We can offer it as we are leading professionals in our sector.

Last year a quarter of our custmers increased their profits two fold

Over 1000 entrepreneurs have participated in our workshops.

Our clients are based in 30 different countries.

We have helped our clients improve their businesses for over 10 years

What do clients value in Wisecounter ?

Our clients have described Wisecounter with the following words:

  • Customer-oriented service
  • Strong professional skills
  • Recent knowledge of the new laws
  • Extensive experience in the field of business consultancy
  • Modern technical solutions
  • Quick and operational problem solving
  • Thinking outside of the box on finding new solutions
  • Honesty and accuracy in our work
  • Reliability and confidentiality on keeping business secrets
  • Active and open communication with our clients

Wisecounter is focused on contributing towards our customers  success.  Our mission is to make every effort to assist our customers in achieving professional success. We work with different businesses who need reliable partners in many areas. We have set our goal to be the best, fastest growing business consultancy and advisory services company in our region.

Our vision is to help our customers achieve the highest goals that they have set for themselves. For that we are working systematically on supporting our staff’s development and keeping their motivation high.

For our team we have chosen only the best and most talented members who are willing to continue to grow and help our customers archieve new goals.

We know that every person and every company is unique and therefore we will approach each customer personally and will offer the best soulution suitable for their business needs.

Wisecounter offers business consultation services. For us trust and professionalism are the key words when finding partners, who have also set their goals as high as we have.

Our values are:

  • Honesty
  • Accuracy
  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Personality


Wisecounter is the fastest growing Estonian consulting services company and offers its services to over 300 customers all over Europe. Our clients are domestic and International companies and public sector organisations. We have served different business sectors and we have knowledge in industry, real estate, transportation, logistics and in the service sector.

  • 2007

    The company was founded. At the beginning we were offering legal and management consultancy.

  • 2009

    Started offering accounting services

  • 2012

    Started offering a labour recruitment service. Today we have clients in more than 10 countries: Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania.

  • 2015

    Expanded to finland

  • 2016

    Opened our office in Sweden to offer our best practice services.

  • Today

    Our focus is to offer the best quality service in all of our offices. Our goal is to expand each year to a new country so in 10 years we would have offices in Scandinavian and Eastern Europe. Today