Wisecounter – partner of a wise leader

What do we do

Wisecounter’s team is focused on customer satisfaction and on personal development. We have experienced a lot of joy in co-operating with our clients, which comes from trusted customer relationships.

We know that every client deserves the best. In our work we are focused on the quality of our service in order to exceed our customers expectations. We can offer it as we are leading professionals in our sector.


Last year a quarter of our customers increased their profits two fold


Over 1000 entrepreneurs have participated in our workshops


Our clients are based in 30 different countries


We have helped our clients improve their businesses for over 12 years

Meet the team, who makes all this happen

Wisecounter is focused on contributing towards our customers success. Our mission is to make every effort to assist our customers in achieving professional success. We work with different businesses who need reliable partners in many areas.

Maario Laas

Maario Laas, Member of the Board, Partner, CEO

Maario, the CEO of Wisecounter manages the various branches of the company, supports the team, solves legal issues, finds solutions that meet the needs of customers and fulfils them. He has been with Wisecounter from the beginning and is loyal to his team. Maario has studied law at Tallinn Economic School, The Institute of Law (now the University of Tartu) and sociology of organization at PhD level at Tallinn University. He also carried out an independent research analysis on the subject at the University of Cambridge. Maario has also worked in the customs and transport sectors. He has advised various entrepreneurs for many years and has been a lecturer at the Tallinn Economic School and at the Mainor University College. Maario treats every customer with dedication. His curiosity helps to reach even the smallest details of each client’s question in order to find the best possible solution based on their experience and learning.

Languages: estonian, english, finnish

Hannu Oikarinen

Hannu Oikarinen, Sales and marketing

Hannu joined Wisecounter to offer the knowledge and skills he has gained over 35 years of marketing and sales work, especially to those customers who want to expand to Finland and find partners there. The wish to join Wisecounter came from his positive cooperation experience, where we helped him with accounting, company creation, tax advice and management consulting. Today, Hannu wants to contribute to the success of both Wisecounter and our clients.

Languages: english, swedish, finnish

Piret Metsis

Piret Metsis, Partner, Accountant

Piret has been the member of the Wisecounter team for 2 years. However, Piret has 22 years of work experience as an accountant. She has been the chief accountant of various companies for 20 years, including a Finnish company. Today, Piret mainly deals with our Finnish customers. Piret is a friendly, cheerful and dedicated accountant, and it is very important for her that her clients feel good about communicating with her and that the work done is correct and transparent.

Languages: estonian, finnish

Iia Liivamägi

Iia Liivamägi, Accountant

Iia is an experienced accountant. She has been accounting in the Wisecounter team since March 2019. Iia is always on time with her tasks and clients can entrust their financial affairs calmly to her care. Iia is very thorough and correct in her work, but friendly and helpful in dealing with colleagues and clients. Iia does accounting for Estonian companies.

Languages: estonian

Meeli Haljand

Meeli Haljand, Accountant

Meeli has been a valued member of the Wisecounter team for over a year. Meeli has an accounting experience in an international level. She does her work with dedication. Meeli is correct, specific and direct, so clients can be sure that the tasks entrusted to Meeli are always submitted on time and in accordance with the valid rules and laws. Colleagues describe Meeli as a sporty and cheerful companion.

Languages: estonian, english

Tiina Ennulo

Tiina Ennulo, Accountant

Languages: estonian, english, russian, finnish

Languages: estonian, english, russian, finnish

Marius Baum

Marius Baum, Accountant

Languages: estonian, english, swedish

Languages: estonian, english, swedish