Bookkeeping and business consulting services for companies in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia

Brief information about us

Wisecounter has been providing reliable accounting and consulting services to enterprises for more than 16 years. Our focus is to offer to our customers the best financial services to keep their finances in top condition.

We grasp the big picture and understand the subtleties necessary for successful business operations in Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia, and therefore we can help both when starting a business and support the activities of already operating companies and create the prerequisites for sustainable growth to all our clients regardless of their business size.

One of the special qualities of the services we offer is our capacity to offer each of our services individually in each market as well as in combination in two or more markets.

Our offices are located in Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm and Riga. You are welcome to visit us or drop us a line!

Our mission

We are dedicated to accounting and consulting services. We assist our customers in navigating even the most difficult financial and legal situations. We undertake our work with the goal of boosting the efficiency of our clients' operations, supporting the improvement of economic outcomes, and providing the conditions for long-term financial stability.
1/4 of our customers increase their profit by 2x already in the first year of cooperation
Over 1000 entrepreneurs have participated in our workshops
Our clients are based in 30 different countries
We have been helping our clients succeed in business since 2007

Our services

Paperwork and communication with state authorities and all other side activities can take up a large part of the entrepreneur's valuable time. By entrusting these activities to Wisecounter, you can focus on what’s important: offering your service or selling products. We take care of your company's accounting, payroll and tax accounting issues, we help you obtain the permits and registrations necessary for operation, we support you with establishing a company, and assist in resolving disputes if necessary.

Our services include:

Our team

People that are passionate about logic, order, and numbers make up our team. The majority of our workforce has many years of expertise working in the financial sector. Our employees have extensive knowledge of the nuances of this work, which demands accuracy and consistency, as well as the capacity to see the big picture, i.e., the values and goals of our clients. Many of our accounting team members began their careers as data entry clerks before moving on to substantive accounting and ultimately to the position of chief accountant or financial manager. Along with experienced business and financial advisers, our team also consists of lawyers who have often stood by our customers' sides since the beginning of their business.

Our experienced team ensures that your company's accounting complies entirely with Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, and Latvian accounting requirements. The experts at Wisecounter are familiar with local laws and the particulars of each country's business environment. Our services are always accurate, fast, and compliant with both national and international regulations.


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