Legal advice

Finding your way around corporate law and the appropriate legal rules takes time and is rife with potential blunders. In matters involving both domestic markets and international relations, our team of business attorneys from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Sweden provides you with professional legal help and strategic guidance.

We assist you in protecting yourself from legal dangers, aligning your business' operations and paperwork with regional and worldwide legal requirements, and resolving even the most disagreeable commercial conflicts.

Our legal advice service includes:

  1. Business formation and structuring. We provide advice on determining the best legal structure for your company. Our experts will work with you to decide on the best option for achieving your objectives, prepare the paperwork needed to form a company, and contact with the required institutions and organisations. Read more about the business establishment service we provide here.

  2. Contract drafting and review. For any business, having clear, well-written contracts is crucial. Our advisers will write, analyse, and negotiate contracts to protect your rights and interests in various transactions, agreements, and partnerships.

  3. Compliance and regulatory guidance. Maintaining compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations is critical. Our experts will keep you updated and make sure your company complies with all relevant legal obligations.

  4. Intellectual property protection. We recognise the significance of your intellectual property. To preserve a competitive edge in the market, our experts can assist you with protecting your trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

  5. Employment law. For companies with salaried employees, it is crucial to be aware of the employment law. The rules nevertheless contain a variety of formal and substantive differences from country to country, despite the fact that the essential principles of labour law are same throughout all the countries. Wisecounter's consultants in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden can help in drafting employment contracts and other documents concerning the workforce, developing rules concerning the working environment, as well as solving legal issues related to the workforce.

  6. Business transactions. If you're thinking about a merger, purchase, or sale of a business, our counsellors can walk you through the legal aspects of these complex transactions.

  7. Business dispute resolution. If your company is involved in a legal dispute, our skilled litigators are prepared to protect your interests and pursue the best possible conclusion, whether through negotiation or litigation.

  8. Risk management. To reduce potential liabilities, we proactively identify legal issues that may have an impact on your company.


Why choose Wisecounter for business legal advice?

  • Experience and expertise. Our consultants have long-term experience in the field of business law and have successfully helped our clients who operate in various industries in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and other countries.

  • Practical and strategic approach. We offer practical legal advice that supports your company goals, assisting you in achieving your objectives while reducing risks.

  • Client-centred service. We prioritise your success. We listen to your concerns and personalise our recommendations to your specific challenges.

  • Responsive and accessible. We promote open communication and are always accessible to answer any legal questions or concerns you may have.

  • Confidentiality and trust. We address all client matters confidentially and develop long-term partnerships based on trust and integrity.

  • Cost-effective solutions. We strive to deliver legal services that are both affordable and beneficial to your company.

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