In 2022, Wisecounter Celebrated 15 Years in Business

In September 2022, Wisecounter marked 15 years since its establishment. Wisecounter was born out of the founders' desire to have an excellent overview of financial matters in their other businesses. The service was initially offered quietly to a selected group, but soon gained a solid customer base.
Unfortunately, Wisecounter's early years coincided with a period of economic crisis that initially slowed down the company's rapid growth. Despite the challenges, the core team remained intact, and with the help of new employees and loyal clients, the company navigated through the crisis and began seeking new growth opportunities.

Soon, our clients became more ambitious, and many started considering expanding their services to Finland. As a result, we were often approached for consultation on starting and managing businesses in Finland.

Establishing Operations in Finland

Thanks to our strong contacts in Finland, we began preparations to establish a Wisecounter unit in Finland at the end of 2015. With the help of remarkable individuals, we opened the doors of Wisecounter Oy in the spring of 2016. Our comprehensive knowledge of the essential regulations for Estonian entrepreneurs operating in Finland, along with a systematic approach, quickly attracted new long-term clients.

Customers' needs drove the provision of further services

During our operations, clients faced various legal questions that needed resolution. This led to the development of legal and financial consulting services as a crucial part of our offerings. We continue to provide these services to this day, as challenges persist, and our experience enables us to preemptively address many issues during consultations.

We also began organizing management training seminars to contribute to entrepreneurs' improved performance. Over 1000 entrepreneurs have participated in our seminars to date.

Establishing Units in Sweden and Latvia

Soon, clients faced similar questions regarding the Swedish market. Growing alongside our clients, we established operations in Sweden a year later, in 2017, and a couple of years after that, in 2019, in Latvia, where we also opened an office.

Since the establishment of our Swedish unit, there has been high interest in the supportive services we offer for starting businesses in Sweden. While Sweden remains an attractive export market for Estonian entrepreneurs, its legislation and the required documents and permits present a challenge for those accustomed to Estonia's liberal economic environment. However, we are here to simplify and streamline our clients' entry into export markets.

Our Fortune

Clients and Employees In summary, over the course of these 15 years, Wisecounter has experienced various periods—both easy and challenging. We've contributed to the establishment of several companies and provided impetus for their development, maintaining their financial affairs impeccably and proactively highlighting potential pitfalls and growth opportunities. Occasionally, we've assisted companies in winding down operations if things didn't go as planned, although such instances have been rare.

Thanks to our accumulated experience, we can be dependable partners for our clients in good times and bad. Those thriving receive advice on how to grow further or operate more profitably, while those facing difficulties benefit from our assistance in finding the best solutions to navigate through challenges.

These 15 years have also brought changes to Wisecounter's team. Trained professionals have left our ranks, but fortunately, they have been replaced by new talented individuals who passionately contribute daily. Today, we take pride in our diverse yet cohesive international team. 

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