What a Good Accountant Wishes Their Clients Knew

We asked our accountants what they would like their clients to know based on 15 years of experience. What would help accountants perform their job even better, which in turn would ensure clients receive the best service possible.
Here are the four key points:

1. Original Documents are the Foundation

For accountants, all of a client's original documents – invoices, receipts, contracts, expense reports, bank statements, and more – are as valuable as oxygen to a living being. Correct accounting cannot be done without them. Just as a living organism needs oxygen in a timely manner, improper documentation in accounting might necessitate corrections. Delayed or incorrect accounting can skew the picture of a company, making it challenging to make sound financial decisions.

2. Think about the Annual Report in November-December of the Same Year

The financial year typically ends in December for most companies. While there's time until the end of June of the following year to prepare the annual report, November-December is the right time to review the year's financial indicators, discuss tax matters, make necessary plans and adjustments. This proactive approach helps prevent undesirable situations. By June of the next year, making accurate changes to previous year's data becomes quite challenging.

3. Accounting is Based on a System

Accounting is a craft that is systematic, relying on formulas, rules, and today's digital technologies. Accountants work with the documents provided to them and don't usually apply creativity in this aspect. However, when the numbers from these documents are entered into the software, they form financial data that can offer valuable insights, which a good accountant is eager to provide, if the client desires.

4. Don't Hesitate to Ask Questions

Accountants appreciate clients who want to understand and ask questions about matters. This helps accountants be more efficient, provide services tailored to the client's needs, and offer relevant financial advice. The better our clients do, the brighter our shared future becomes.

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